What is your Enneagram type?

As a certified practitioner, I utilize the Enneagram Assessment to create a foundation for the coach/client relationship, and the work we do together. A completed assessment provides a guide on your journey towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution, and improving team dynamics.  This tool empowers you to take responsibility for certain behaviors and ultimately grow from a greater understanding of your actions and reactions to everyday situations.

This assessment will become a roadmap, and a life-long guide for you to be more aware of who you are and how you interact in the world. 

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Some Enneagram Testimonials

“Sharon is a true gem in the coaching industry. She organically relates and presents information in an easy to action format. Sharon coached me through the Enneagram. I now feel I have a solid foundation to understand myself and others.”
R. Meduri
“Sharon helped me learn more about myself through the Enneagram assessment. She was very thoughtful and professional, and shared the results in a way that left me feeling very empowered about my future. Sharon is an expert coach and she knew exactly how to deliver the results to me as to create resonance and inspiration. “
A. Walker
“Life is a journey and there are always blind spots along the way that one may not be aware of. Even though I made great strides in personal, and professional development, there were important things I did not know that I did not know. The Enneagram Questionnaire and the De-brief revealed these unknowns and illuminated areas of my life that explained why I felt encumbered. Sharon Jacobson is a master of the Enneagram Debrief. Her insight and ease of engagement added clarity and meaning to our debriefing session. She helped me rethink and reset my intentions at the conclusion of the debriefing. Sharon is professional, authentic, compassionate and a great listener. I highly recommend using her as the one to engage when you want to move beyond the ordinary into a more fulfilling life journey.”
V. C. Hardison
“Sharon encouraged me to claim my wholeness and take my Enneagram type to the highest level of expression. Her intuitive but structured approach to the Enneagram helped me to understand my type as a complete personality system made up of motivations, feeling and thinking patterns, action patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Without focusing on certain behaviors but rather the nuances and hidden reasons for those behaviors, Sharon gave me thoughtful insights and valuable strategies for overcoming weaknesses and developing strengths. Working with Sharon, I came away with much more than a personality profile; I came away with a deeper awareness of who I am, both professionally and personally.”
C. Myers