My coaching is highly tailored to your individual needs.

As a coach, I listen deeply to discover your true passion; and work with you to create consciousness to what really matters; and, ultimately, will lead you to live a more purposeful life. As a Leadership Coach, I will support you on your journey to grow and mature in your own time and on your own terms. The goal is for you to remain fulfilled and successful, while navigating business challenges within an organization or career setting.

In today’s professional world, now more than ever, you need to be aware of what’s needed in the moment and have the awareness to respond with a wide range of creative choices. I’m the coach to guide you in getting there! Coaching is my passion. Connecting with a client and realizing the potential they embody is deeply gratifying to me.

For several years, I have been privately coaching executives within Eileen Fisher Inc., an international women’s clothing brand. As a Senior Leader on the Leadership, Learning & Development Team, a significant part of my duties was focused on coaching executives to improve their leadership skills and navigate the challenges which came from a dynamic organization.

I integrate the Enneagram Assessment in my work to build a strong foundation to the coaching relationship. This assessment becomes a roadmap to work with through our coaching partnership, as well as a life-long tool to support you in future growth opportunities.

On a more personal note, I collect quotes – yes, quotes are my calling card! I use them to set my intentions for the day and center myself. I share quotes on Instagram, at the beginning of coaching sessions, with colleagues, and collect them for future use.  As a lover of nature, and a gardener, I often pair these things together for a moment of silence and reflection!